Collective Exhibition ICONS

ICONS is a collective exhibition of works created by well-known local and national artists inspired by an icon of yesterday's or today's music chosen by the author based on his preferences. At the basis of this exhibition is the idea, dear to the TempoLibero association (promoter of exhibitions dedicated to Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Umberto Eco) that the artists - with their many languages ​​- brilliantly manage to express and talk about the people they love and who have influenced their education
For this exhibition, the curator Clorinda Irace asked the invited artists to become multipliers, with their own work, of musical myths that they loved and still love. The results are surprising as a varied panorama emerges in which icons of our present (Paolo Conte, Franco Battiato, Pino Daniele, Luciano Berio, John Lennon, just to name a few) are flanked by those of the past (Mozart, Vivaldi) or even instruments musical (like the spectacular violin in the opera “The Violinist”), icons of jazz the image of a primordial sound. There are many techniques and artistic choices but, common to all the works, is the passion with which the artists worked, each with their own recognizable stylistic signature. Alexandra Abbate's installation is very interesting and linear, leading the visitor on a very engaging journey through the myths of music from yesterday and today. Artists from different fields are involved - photography, sculpture, painting - heterogeneous by generation, artistic choices, training but united by one element: the passion for music and its interpreters, of yesterday or today. The exhibition is part of the broader project MUSIC AND THE CITY that the TempoLibero association is carrying forward for 2019, the year of music. The first stop was the photographic exhibition of the same title by Nando Calabrese at the Maschio Angioino. The project involves the involvement of young musicians through a connection with music schools. The students, guided by their teachers, will enliven the inauguration and finissage of the exhibition at the Pan with sound performances and choreographies as well as - on the days of the exhibition - moments of listening relating to the icons whose figure and work the artists have re-proposed. An exhibition that has a high cultural value and intends to promote artists who live and work mostly in Naples and Campania. Furthermore, due to the quality of the works proposed and the simple readability of the proposed theme, the exhibition can be enjoyed by a vast and heterogeneous public who will be able to visit it free of charge, meeting the artists who will be present in turn on the days of the exhibition.
Francesco Alessio, Enzo Aulitto, Nando Calabrese, Salvo Capuano, Francesco Canini, Claudio Carrino, Marialuisa Casertano, Marco Collazoni, Anna Corcione,Rosaria Corcione, Vittorio Cortini, Laura Cristinzio, Federico D’Ambrosi, Libero de Cunzo,Gerardo Di Fiore, Francesca Di Martino, Peppe Esposito, Francesco Fabozzi,Diana Franco & Manuela Capuano, Maria La Mura, Mario Lanzione, Francesco Lucrezi , Rosaria Matarese, Maya Pacifico, Rosa Panaro, Silvana Parente, Aulo Pedicini, Antonio Picardi, Quintino Scolavino, Tony Stefanucci, Ernesto Terlizzi, Ilia Tufano.

The Monsters of Jazz Piano photo by nando calabrese