“SEA” edited by Maurizio Vitiello

At the “ARTiNCONTRO” Gallery in Montesilvano (PE), driven for years by Fabrizio Serafini, sixty-two works will be on display, from Saturday 2 March to Sunday 19 May 2019. This collective intends, in particular, to promote and enhance the perception of the sea. Each artist presented two works, one of which can be found in the product catalogue. With this themed exhibition we intend to express the concrete need to come together to discuss art. Seriously there will be a dialogue on our heritage, which, despite all the multiple problems that afflict it, is attractive. You want to meet and the concreteness of the exhibition allows you to grasp conjugations of different codes, from the figurative to the informal, from the surreal to the abstract geometric. All the artists have the sea in their memory and by working in the studios, while always attentive to the world, they have opened themselves up to reasoning and centering a topic in multiple interpretations. In motivated works, from photography to mixed techniques, all vertically developed in dimensions of cm. 70 x 50, affectionate approaches to the sea emerge from all sides. In regular experiences, the participants' definitions collected profiles, reliefs, hints, signals, stratifications, arches, curves, deep levels, coasts, bends, ravines, a geography of places, a semantics of blue, gaps, ribs, beaches, ridges... Artists have moved in the channels of tradition, innovation and experimentation, thus following the values ​​of the analysis of comments and engaging with originality and uses of languages ​​even in a transversal way. This exhibition aims to be a "focus", but also a quick "reportage" on the art of the moment in Italy, obviously not exhaustive given the limited number of operators taken into consideration, which does not disdain to set a line of resilience. Meeting and conversing with "accidental tourists", "soul travellers", "professionals", "groups of users", "travel companions" and many other partiality means exercising your eyes to know how to see, to know how to collect balances , past and/or emerging, from semantic to chromatic ones. Clearly, knowing how to see a painting or a sculpture helps to understand the world and to test whether it has a future, between averted apocalypses, ongoing epochal migrations, economic crises to overcome, terrorism to appease. The following artists from the world of painting and photography enthusiastically accepted the invitation to participate:

Laura Amato, Arvedo Arvedi, Luciano Astolfi, Maurizio Bonolis, Alfonso Caccavale, Nando Calabrese, Beatriz Cardenas, Nicola Caroppo, Alfredo Celli, Elisabetta D’Agnano, Maria Pia Daidone, Emilia Della Vecchia, Sandra Di Marcantonio, Anna Di Maria, Mimmo Emanuele, Carmine Galiè, Katia Lupò, Ibrahim W. Mahjoub, Ida Mainenti, Salvatore Marsillo, Mauro Molinari, Lucio Monaco, Monica Memoli, Silvio Paolini, Myriam Risola, Antonio Salzano, Maurizio Schächter Conte, Renato Tagliabue, Clara Tirone, Ernestina Zavarella, Antonio Zenadocchio.

These artists have decided to "use common leverage" to attract the attention of a media line and the circuit of "enlightened collectors". The various and different technical-linguistic declinations present are alive and vital, which, in part, recur on a "fil rouge" of links and connections with the best intentions of offering a curtain-showcase of developed horizons; almost a tight fan, lawful, legitimate, fresh, pulsating and, above all, beating with "border exchanges". We read a plurality of perspectives to grasp the variety of the world. In a significant register, therefore, they circulate and allow us to capture new mental profiles and characteristics of reality, rendered in an alternating way, between persuasive coincidences and compelling correspondences.