Shots for art

Naples meets the world - Mostra D'Oltremare
30 giugno, 1-2 luglio e 7-8-9 luglio 2017
This exhibition offers a series of shots whose common denominator is the insertion, against a backdrop of the city of Naples, of images of contemporary works of art created by Pietro Loffredo. A mix of places in the city - with its characteristics, its lights and its shadows - and the well-known images of Loffredo, an artist who has as the leitmotif of his production the superstitious elements that so characterize the city of Naples. Colorful, hieratic, sublime, the painted horns fit into the folds and wounds of a painful city that often, between the serious and the ironic, entrusts its future to a talisman. Nando Calabrese's photographic narration focuses on this characteristic of the city of Naples, narrates it and exalts it using the works of Piero Loffredo who, in turn, attempt to frame the hope of a suffering humanity despite the awareness that no lucky charm will be able to replace the will of man, the true arbiter of his fate. The two authors, with their different mediums, describe a city of a thousand faces in a direct and sometimes even excessive way. They do it without taking themselves too seriously, without salvific or sociological intentions, moved only by the desire to describe.